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  • Here comes our new project ‘VF Nutrient Scanner’!
    These two apples look equally great, but have you ever wonder if they are equally nutritious? Nutrient density of the…
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  • Video: Regenerative Agriculture and Climate Crisis
    農地的泥土碳封存 毫不起眼的泥土,居然儲存了比大氣層多三倍的碳!而在全球的土地之中,約四成都屬於農地,所以,地球上其實有很多很多泥土,恆常有人管理使用,以提供我們日常所需的食物和其他東西。你有想過,如這些土地使用者全部都好好照顧泥土,讓土地重拾碳封存能力的話,可以為環境帶來多巨大的變化嗎? 2015年的巴黎氣候峰會中,法國政府提出千分之四倡議,將泥土視為一個緩解氣候變化的關鍵,到底泥土為甚麼有這個潛能呢?這短片或會令你對泥土和農田另眼相看! Agricultural soil carbon sequestration Soil may receive little attention but it does have huge capacity for carbon…
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The Mushroom Initiative Limited is an non-profit organization established in 2008. We advocate for actions that proactively reverse climate change by enhancing soil carbon storage and restoring soil biodiversity. We choose positivity in the time of overwhelming pessimism such that we can play an active role for a better future