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Vegetable & Fruit Nutrient Scanner —— Citizen Scientists Recruitment

The Mushroom Initiative Ltd. is inviting more people to pay attention to the nutrient content in natural and non-processed food and we aim at providing some certain objective indicators to understand our food.

To do so, we are now developing a portable plant nutrient meter ── “VF Nutrient Scanner”, which is a device for measuring antioxidant and chlorophyll contents of vegetables and fruits. On top of information such as the products’ origins, appearance and prices, consumers can now use “VF Nutrient Scanner” to measure antioxidant and chlorophyll contents of our foods.

You can join us as Citizen Scientists! As Citizen Scientists, you can keep a VF Nutrient Scanner for 3 months. With the VF Nutrient Scanner you can understand the nutrient content of your food. Meanwhile, you are contributing to our database of vegetables and fruits nutrients.

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*The program is conducted in Cantonese. For English-speakers, you may come in the company of a Cantonese-speaker who is capable of whispered interpretation.