As a part of nature, we should respect the nature and make environmental protection our major concern.


Our vision is to build a world with high biodiversity where all beings live sustainably with respect for each other.


We are committed to promote the important role of fungi in environmental conservation and achieve sustainable living.


Climate change:
  • In response to the climate change, we strive to recover soil and land surface ecosystems and increase their carbon sequestration capacity through the use of fungi and other microorganisms, thus contributing to the reversal of global warming.
  • We study the importance of soil ecology, especially the role of fungi and microorganisms in various types of land use, from agricultural production to forest reforestation and put scientific knowledge in use in various projects.
  • We demonstrate regenerative soil management to local and international communities, hoping to arouse attention for climate change mitigation and encourage people to work together for the restoration of our planet’s ecology.
  • We learn from fungi to building network with communities, environmentalists, private and public sectors to achieve nature harmony.
  • We encourage environmental protection and waste reduction through the cultivation of edible fungi and related products using organic waste substrates.
  • We promote awareness of the role of fungi in environmental conservation and waste recycling, conduct research and activities related to conservation, promotion and utilization of fungi, with a focus on native species.