Life on TMI Farmland

Life on TMI Farmland

Our farmland is managed in a way that work with nature, aiming to restore soil health and enhance soil biodiversity. Many creatures in soil cannot be seen with naked eyes, but with microscope. Yet, they lay the foundation for soil food web which support the higher and bigger life in an agricultural ecosystem.

Take a soil bacterium as an example, it could be eaten by earthworm which is then the food for a bird; or, this bacterium lives in the rhizosphere, enjoying the sugary exudates from plants and releasing nutrients from soil throughout its brief life, keeping the plant happy and healthy which grow lushly leaves or tasty fruits for animals.

The complex soil food web has intertwined food chains all started from soil microbes. If we see a farmland with abundant and diverse forms of life, it is reasonable to deduce that the soil is also rich in microbial life.

In TMI, if you look closely, you will find yourself surrounded by a diversity of animals! We love to see them,  knowing that each of them has its role to play in the ecosystem, and they indicate the health of our farmland, letting us know that our work is on the right track.

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