Seeking for Hong Kong cooperation projects

Seeking for Hong Kong cooperation projects

Mushroom Initiative has currently used ectomycorrhizal fungi to assist afforestation projects in Southeast Asia, effectively preventing tree felling, reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and reforestation, which have brought considerable income to local farmers.

We look forward to cooperating with government departments, universities or private individuals to implement this environmentally friendly and economically valuable project in Hong Kong. We plan to initially use chanterelle in the reforestation of Pinaceae and Fagaceae. The chanterelle is one of the world-famous edible fungi, and it generally grows in the woodland of Hong Kong in summer and autumn. The mycelial growth temperature is 20-32°C, and the fruit body is grown at a temperature of 20-35°C. The climate in Hong Kong is suitable for growth of chanterelle. Its fruiting body is fleshy, trumpet-shaped, rich in aroma, almond-like, tender and delicate, delicious and rich in nutrients such as carotene, vitamin C, protein, calcium, phosphate fertilizer, iron, etc.

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