Established in 2008, The Mushroom Initiative (TMI) was initiated by a group of friends who share the love of nature and mushrooms, hoping to use mushrooms as a medium to convey the spirit of harmony, cycling and connections among all beings. In the following year, TMI was formally registered as a non-profit-making organization in Hong Kong and subsequently granted tax exemption under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Taxation Office from 10 February 2009. (Search here for tax-exempt charities. Please enter “the Mushroom Initiative” for verification).

At the same time, TMI set up an experimental base in Tai Po for organic mushroom cultivation and organic vegetable production. In addition to promoting community-based cultivation of mushroom in early times, TMI has also been actively engaged in works related to climate mitigation in recent years, including communications for healthy soils and forests, demonstrating the importance of interactions between various soil lives, striving to respond to the urgency of climate change proactively. In 2019, TMI joined “4 per 1000” Initiative to commit to the promotion and practice of soil management that raises soil organic carbon.