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The Mushroom Initiative is a non-profit making organization
Fungi are the premier recycler in the nature.

The mushrooms on our dining table come from the nature and belong to the fungal kingdom.  If you look carefully, you will find different types of fungi in the forest, on grasslands.  Fungi are the premier recyclers in the nature.  They decompose organic plat matter so that carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and minerals can be returned into forms usable to plants, insects and other organisms including human being. Fungi are essential components of almost all ecosystems.

We established the Mushroom Initiative because we believe that as part of nature, we should respect the nature and make environmental protection our major concern.  We commit ourselves to promote awareness of the role of fungi in environmental conservation and waste recycling through the cultivation of edible fungi using local organic waste substrates.

To achieve this, we will conduct education activities related to the conservation, promotion and utilization of fungi, with a focus on native species.  We will explore how fungi and edible mushrooms might be incorporated into sustainable livelihood and environmental conservation efforts and facilitate local production providing technical and other types of support to local cultivators. We will also strive to enhance co-operation between consumers and producers, to keep consumers in touch with production processes and to promote a better understanding of the inter-relationship between production, consumption, environmental protection, health and quality of life.

If you also share our views, you are welcome to join our efforts

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TMI is a registered charity in Hong Kong with a donation of HK$100 and can apply for tax relief

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