Mycorrhizae project in Thailand

A project in Thailand which is using mycorrhizas for growing native trees

In facing the land degradation in Thailand, using local mycorrhizas can greatly speed up reforestation by enhancing the growth rate of native trees.  Also, inoculating with some ectomycorrihizae when we plant the native trees especially at the seedling stage, the land could produce valuable edible mushrooms for community’s consumption after 2 to 3 years.  For example, if we plant Yang Na seedlings that are inoculated with edible mycorrhizal fungi, we and our generations could harvest these mushrooms continuously.

The goal of this project is to carry out community-based reforestation/restoration in deforested or plantation areas in Thailand.  The work involves (a) identifying local mycorrhizas for native tree planting and (b) setting up a community based demonstration site for planting indigenous trees with these fungi; (c) conducting community training workshops to train villagers in identifying and managing mycorrhizas, native tree nursery management and tree planting practices.  The demonstration plot will be established using a participatory approach. Community members and members of tree nurseries in this area will be recruited to plant and manage trees by using mycorrhizas in a deforested portion of the forest or a plantation area in Thailand.

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