Doing compost in Hong Kong: Thermal & Aerobic

Doing compost in Hong Kong: Thermal & Aerobic

Compost is not a new concept to many people. Farmers used to put all farm and animal wastes together, leaving the pile for some months and then put the materials back into the soil. In some cases, the ‘compost’ works well with crops, while sometimes it may not work at all or even cause problems in soil and crops. Composting is a common practice. Yet, many people seldom look into the science behind composting. It is now the time to understand the microbiology of decomposition, so as to guarantee high quality compost for real benefits in farming. Only through understanding the scientific mechanisms of composting can we revive the ecology in soil and reverse the unsustainability in our food production system.

What is COMPOST?
– It is a process of decomposition of different materials originated from living things and their bioactivity in solid form with the aid of ‘microbiome’ in a aerated environment.

The above bolded keywords will be explained in detail.

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