How to take care of your mushroom kit?

Steps to take care of your mushroom kit:


Step 1: Find a dim and ventilated place for the mushroom  bottle.

Step 2: Untight the rubberband, when mushroom starts to appear, keep the paper cover and spray to the bottle within a distance of 15cm, twice per day, 2-3 times every spray.

Step 3:When the mushroom cap has grown to a size of a $5 HK dollar, remove the paper cover and it is about to harvest.

Step 4: Harvest: twist the root of the mushroom with bare hands. *Please harvest the whole mushroom together with the less developed ones.

Step 5: After harvest, remove 1cm of cultivation substrate using a hygienic spoon, you may utilise the substrate as fertilizer in other potted plants.

Step 6: Cover the bottle with paper cover and rubberband again, mushrooms will grow again in 1-2 weeks.

Step 7: Repeat the above 1-6vsteps, the mushrooms are able to grow 1-2 times more.

Step 8: If the contents inside the bottle have turned from white to brown, dig all the cultivation substrate out for fertilization, clean the glass bottle for reuse or recycling.

I) Avoid placing the bottle besides electrical appliances like air-conditioners, dehumidifiers and heaters which may absorb the necessary water vapour for the growth of mushrooms.

*​​If the relative humidity is too low, you may place a glass of water near the bottle

II)Any chemicals like perfume and insect repellents should be forbidden since mushrooms tend to absorb the chemicals nearby

III)Mushrooms have to be cooked thoroughly before consumption, never take in raw mushrooms from the cultivation kit

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