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The Huazhong Agricultural University Mushroom Culture Experiment Center (MCEC)

MCEC and TMI had been cooperating since 2009, these two parties are now working together through a project called “3 in 1 Benefits: Regenerate Food Waste Compost to eco-mushroom, Vegetable and Meat”, building a solid foundation for large scale mushroom farm with eco-friendly mushroom cultivation standards in both China and Hong Kong experimental sites.

There is huge room in cooperation and plenty of valuable experience exchanges. Since the focus of MCEC and TMI is placed in different aspect in mushroom cultivation. Where MCEC targets at conventional mushroom growing and result orientated in production yield, while TMI put focus on promotion of environmentally friendly organic mushroom in small production scale.

Technical support: Mr. Wong Cheuk Yan, Manager, MCEC

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The mushroom Initiative (TMI)

TMI is a registered charity in Hong Kong with a donation of HK$100 and can apply for tax relief

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